Drug reactions? Detox with Homeopathy

The last 30 years has seen a big explosion in the world with regard to man-made substances, which are not naturally present on our Earth. These include drugs, perfumes, creams, plastics, invisible rays from phones, metals, vaccines and many more. This explosion means that, in evolutionary terms, our bodies have not caught up yet with the amount of exposure to these substances. It is therefore not remarkable that in the last 30 years allergies and strange diseases have dramatically increased. Strange syndromes such as Environmental Disease are commonly seen but have never been known before - here the sufferer is just about allergic to everything in their environment from chemicals in the carpet to wi-fi radiation. Infertility is higher than ever before because we are now exposed to such huge amount of plastics (dummies, polystyrene cups, tupperware boxes). Plastic is an endocrine disruptors (they mess up your hormones) and can cause infertility and related problems. Who knows what chemical coctails we are brewing inside of us and the evolutionary changes this could produce.

It is safe to say that scientists have never done tests on the accumulative effects this exposure to foreign substances may have on our bodies. It is well known however, that if you take a lot of conventional drugs, they could cause a reaction in your body. Many people get hives or urticaria type symptoms as the liver cannot cope with the amount of drugs entered into the body, or the prolonged exposure to these chemicals, so the liver really suffers. Even when drugs are stopped, the body does not always return back to its original state of vital health - our body needs outside help if our vitality is compromised. Not only is disharmony created by foreign manmade substances, but imagine if you would also get a virus or bacteria in your body too... these can linger in the body and disturb your wellbeing severely.

With things such as these homeopathy can help.

  • If you have been having reactions from drugs in the past and you’ve never been well since.

  • If the drugs you are on have created a dependency.

  • If you have reacted any time in the past to heavy metals.

  • If you have had any adverse reaction from vaccines or jabs.

  • If you have never been well since bacterial infections or viruses.

  • If conventional drugs are not working.

  • If even the best detox program is not providing a lasting cure.

  • If you have unexplained symptoms that your GP is baffled about.

  • If you have symptoms of environmental disease (extreme sensitivity to wifi, mobile phones, radiation masts, perfumes, chemicals in carpets/sofa's etc, carfumes).

There is a form of Homeopathy which is called Tautopathy, and these remedies are made from minute amounts and very diluted form of the toxins. This then helps to push the toxins out of your body. You could liken it to a homeopathic detox. This is totally safe, but as with any detox, you may observe some symptoms of detoxification.

The main form of homeopathy is called constitutional treatment, and with this, a remedy or maybe a few remedies are selected for you that have very similar reaction to your own body. These remedies stimulate your own natural immune system and so throw off any allergies. People say they feel much better within themselves after homeopathic treatment.

Does it work? Recent scientific tests have shown that homeopathic remedies work, contrary to what the media is trying to tell you. In recent years a UK based pharmaceutical company has signed a large contract with a Russian manufacturer to produce homeopathic remedies that help produce specific anti-bodies. Enough evidence?

We all have the potential to be healthy, vibrant people who are thriving. We have to wonder why when we are far from this.

If you have any queries about the above, or want to discuss treatment, in relation to this, feel free to contact me via the contact form from my website.

Irma Vocht SDS Hom, Homeopath ©2015

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