TESTIMONIALS  -  What other say

I feel blessed to have met Irma, and immensely relieved.  I sought her help during a dark and troubled phase in my life which coincided with various health issues, all in all a debilitating crisis.
Healing was needed.
I have known her for a year now and at this point she has become my greatest confidante, able to contain and emotionally interpret all that I present to her.
She is beautifully intuitive and wise, I had never met a homeopathic practitioner with her range of specialist qualities to treat.
She is a gifted communicator, and I am always greatly comforted by talking with her as she can elucidate all that I am not able to grasp.
I feel seen and deeply understood by her which has illuminated the way forward in healing deep issues from the past.
A combination of the remedies she will prescribe and the truthful openness and accuracy of communication I believe is life-changing.
I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to work with her.

(J.W., London, September 2021)

Irma has the innate gift of seeing beyond the mask or the camouflage that we adorn ourselves, and with authority and knowledge she shares her way of procuring what is needed for us to move out of a debilitating phase to one of renewed hope and a clearer sense of how we can move forward in life. Through her resonance as a guide to a more conscious state of health her remedies and astrological guidance go hand in hand to enable a more practical down to earth way of seeing what is needed to do at the present moment in our lives. Over the years as a patient with Irma I continually grow in learning about myself within my inner and outer worlds and am grateful for all the layers she has helped uncover.

(J. Bird, Forres 29/3/13)

Irma and I have known each other for many years, and it has been a high point of my professional life to be able to talk to such a gifted healer, using the language of Astrology. Down the years, we have each had our own professional paths to follow, but we are hoping that 2017 will be the year when we will be able to merge our specialisms more closely in order to find solutions to some of the energy/health issues that we face in the Western world at this time.

Suzanne Rough

DKF-K, School of Esoteric Astrology (16Sept16)


Over the past few years Irma and homeopathy have changed my life, and on a few occasions saved my life!! I started to see Irma for acne, polycystic ovary syndrom and fertility a few years ago. It has been the most amazing and profound journey. 2 Children later and a new understanding of who I am and how illness works, I feel like a different person. Irma is an inspirational therapist, who I can't recommend enough.

(Z.H., Epsom 12/3/13)

I met Irma when she started her homeopathy training, I was complaining about various ailments, she needed a guinea pig and so a start of a beautiful relationship! I have been Irma’s patient for 13 years where I consult her as I would a GP but the big difference being Irma knows and understands me as well as my closest friends which is why her holistic treatment is hugely beneficial. Homeopathy is such an unexplainable experience but the extra special bit is Irma, I always urge people to go and see her, she has helped many of my friends and family. It has been a life changing experience; Irma empowered me to take responsibility of my health and in turn I became finely tuned in to my well being. She guides me to understand my emotional and physical state and through this I have a much deeper knowledge of myself. The journey with Irma has been very revealing and tremendously valuable and I strongly urge anyone with health and/or emotional issues to step outside the box and turn a new page.

(S.H., Hove 10/5/13)

I have heard that the right relationship with a homeopath can make all the difference in treatment. From the moment I started working with Irma, I felt safe and ready. She is intuitive, gentle and earnest. She believes in her work, in homeopathy as an effective source of treatment, and as a rich and evolving collaboration with nature. This faith and trust comes from her direct experience of seeing people heal, blossom and thrive. Irma brings her interest and knowledge of Astrology into her understanding of wellness and health, and she is refreshing in her ability to offer authentic, real, effective observation and guidance. While Irma has an intuitive way with choosing a remedy, I always leave our appointments feeling like we worked together to help me heal.

(S.T., USA 20/10/09

I came to you very depressed after the break up of a relationship. Your suggestions, advice and kindness at the time was very much appreciated and is not something I've forgotten. I took time out for myself for over a year after that and got myself back on an even keel and then met a great guy who I've been with for over a year now. Although I'm in a much better place now, if it wasn't for people like you, I think I would have stayed in my black hole - so thank you.

(D.K., Dorking 3/3/13)

Having been diagnosed by my GP with stress, but with no treatment or advice other than rest, I was recommended to make an appointment to see Irma. I found Irma to be very gentle and kind - during my consultation, she asked many questions to get to the route of my stress, so she could understand the causes and physical symptoms. After two visits to Irma, and taking the homeopathic medication she prescribed, I feel better than I have in years, both physically and mentally. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Irma and/or homeopathic medicine, and would certainly go back for further treatment if needed.

(D.G., Banstead 22/10/12)

I've been meaning to write to thank you for that first session. Being really listened to and understood is such a great healing experience in itself, and the remedies do seem to be making a difference. I came out feeling as though I'd had a year's therapy - suddenly my whole life made sense!

U.S., Eastbourne, November 2021