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Irma Vocht


I suffered with depression and sadness since childhood and around age 18 I had the first signs of the auto-immune disease Crohns Disease, which was finally diagnosed at age 23. Severe allergic reactions to medication, followed on by lots of antibiotics left my immune system and digestive system severely battered and damaged. My health deteriorated further, and around age 28 my GP said she could not do any more for me, and suggested that homeopathy might help. I decided to give that a go. I have not looked back since. It gave me back my health and sense of self, improved my general wellbeing and my body started to function again. The Crohn's Disease went; I felt happier and more content then I had done for years.


Feeling totally lost after relationship failure, bullying bosses and not understanding myself, I was desperate for any guidance. So I went to see an Astrologer. She told me things things that I had never acknowledged within myself. She said I had healing and teaching as a main focus in my birthchart, and if I wanted to be happier, I should include that in my life. So I did. I chose Homeopathy. During the 4 year course, I learned that all my innate knowledge needed a framework and my confidence grew enormously. In 2002 I qualified studying at the South Downs School of Homeopathy in Chichester. I quit my job and started to work at Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in 2001 where I still am part-time today, as well as owning my own practice.


I learned the nature of illness and depression from very early on in my life, and started to focus on healing in my 20's. Homeopathic treatment helped enormously to give me the insights I needed, and studying homeopathy helped to further deepen my understanding of illness and depression.

I learned that my personal sensitivity and acute awareness is actually my intuition that I was not in touch with. Now I feel I have many tools to help someone on a profound level.


I am a keen learner with a lively mind and especially love psychology, metaphysics and esoteric subjects. I have studied Astrology (path of the soul), Flower Essences, Counselling Skills and Chios Energy Healing.


I support 'The Travelling Homeopaths Collective' who provide homeopathic treatment at Festivals throughout the UK - I might see you at a festival near you.

I am a total nature lover, believe strongly in needing new ecological solutions for our Earth, as many old methods do not longer serve humanity and the planet we live on. We have too many chemicals in our lives and it is making us ill. We need to be more responsible with our actions globally.



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