Healing Mind & Body

Healing Mind

How do we keep a healthy mind? By fully expressing and being who we truly are inside. When we withhold our energy, we suppress who we are and we are no longer in harmony with ourselves. The most common reason why we withhold ourselves is out of fear. We are not always aware we do this - it is not always conscious. We also withhold our energy as it has been taught to us from childhood and when we are young, we are not aware of some of our modes of behaviour. We may be told repeatedly that we should not do something and adapt to the parents wishes, but what we are doing is withholding our natural expression. As adults we can make changes by looking at these issues through adult eyes. Healing Body

How do we identify the cause of our disease?

Research has been done about stress and it was found that stress in the brain sends messages down the central nervous system. At the end of the nerve ganglia, changes in tissue structure take place and so can cause disease and organ malfunctioning. Each part of the body can give us an insight into the suffering of that part and what emotions are likely to be related. Different emotions when held inside, work out on a different body part. The chakras can be a helpful tool in identifying the imbalance. Please refer to the Chakra section to help you identify why you may have certain symptoms or disease.

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