Healing Fear

What are some of the reasons that prevent us from moving on and what makes us being stuck in life?

When we consider that most of us lead unfulfilling lives, it is not surprising that more people than ever are on anti-depressants or drinking to numb the pain. It is only when we are in tune with our purpose, that life’s energy begins to flow properly.

All of us have some knowledge about what we ought to be doing or what we would like to be doing – but why aren’t we doing it? FEAR. This is the main reason. Fear takes on many forms, like: fear of being unloved, of being alone, rejection, that something bad will happen, of being hurt, of misfortune, fear of the opinion of others. All these things can cripple us – literally.

As babies we have no fear – we just are. So this fear comes from learned attitudes from parents and other teachers. Then people threaten to take the love away when we are children by saying if you don’t behave or do as I say I will be disappointed in you, and this affects my love for you (you are a bad person).

So gradually and without our knowledge, we allowed people to manipulate us into this fear state, because without the love of others, we imagine that the world will fall apart and we end up feeling that we are somehow flawed. This can eventually lead to being a major block in our lives as fear stops us from doing what is necessary.

However, sometimes it is difficult to identify that we are stuck, as all we feel is an overwhelming or an overruling emotion that we cannot let go of. That is the indication of stuckness. This is not going with the flow.

Have a good think about what your ‘issues’, ‘flaws’ or ‘fears’ might be, and try to think where they have come from. Because the first step to overcome your blocks is to recognise what they are. If you vaguely know what they are, make space for yourself and try to gain a deeper understanding and accept that this is part of you – there’s no changing about that! These things are there and have made you what you are now. There is no going back! Just accept you the way you are now. Do not see it as part of you that needs suppressing. Admit to yourself that there is this issue and try to work through it - Integrate it as part of your personality. Anything that is suppressed can rise in the body as a form of dis-ease. If you have problems identifying your fears, you could seek help from a professional.

You might feel that your issues are too painful to dig up from your subconscious where you have safely stored them away. If this is the case, you could try to imagine that you are watching a film where actors play out your role – this way you can distance yourself from the painful memories. Try not to become emotionally involved and don’t identify with the lead role, but just observe how the actors behave from a safe distance. You might even feel this time that without being emotionally involved, you will see the situation differently.

Once you have identified some of your blocks, you can do a lot to help yourself. Homeopathy, flower essences or there are many other alternatives like counselling, and reading self help books.


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