Healing Disease - Why do we get ill?

There are definite reasons why we may become ill and dis-eased. I will explain: Your body is a small eco-system, finely balanced to allow best function. This eco-system is composed of your body, your emotions, your mind and spirit. When one of these parts of us is out of balance, the other elements are affected. Your body could be affected by external agents such as artificial substances such as pollution, drugs and their various side effects. Your mind could be affected due to prolongued stress. Your emotions are affected due to grief, stress, loss, worry and many more. Your spirit could be at ill-ease because you don't know where you belong and you feel lost, or something deep inside has a longing for you-don't-know-what.

So you can see that although there are definite external agents that cause disease, there also as many internal reasons why we may be ill. It all starts with balance of mind, body and spirit, or the lack of it.

Many of us think that diseases like allergies and infections have an external cause, ie. bacteria and viruses. But few of us actually ask the question “Why is my body suddenly misbehaving, why do I suddenly have this reaction, sensitivity or illness?”. And you should ask this question. Your body doesn't just suddenly decide to misbehave. There have been changes that have crept up on you and you have not noticed.

Most alternative practitioners see you as one being, composed of a physical body, a mind, and a personality that has emotions. You, as a whole, are one finely tuned and amazing eco-system.

Homeopaths do treat you like a whole person, and ask many questions, and because they are removed from your life, they can see by what you tell them, where the imbalance lies and that is what is needing treatment.

It stands to reason that if one part of you is out of balance, there is most likely another part of you that is out of balance too. It is a well known fact that when we are stressed, it lowers our immune system, which leaves us more exposed to viruses and bacteria. And if we are in pain because of an accident, it can make us angry, depressed or sad. It is also known that if we eat the wrong diet we can become ill, lethargic, and dull, or aggressive, depending on the type of diet. When nervous, your bowels may misbehave and when stressed, you may get a headache.

Symptoms are the bodies way of alerting you to the fact that not all is well... and that you need to take stock of what is happening.

Doctors simply don't have all the answers. They only have conventional medicine at their disposal. Most diseases can be controlled’ by conventional medicine, but when the medicine is stopped, the disease will return. This is not a cure, it is a suppression of the disease and its symptoms, and frequently has many bad side effects. How often has your disease returned after anti-biotics when it had seemingly cured it?

Doctors also are not able to deal with your many small and strange symptoms - many of these are simply put down to stress or you're told they are all in the mind and are ignored. Patients often feel frustrated because they don’t feel ‘heard’. Orthodox medicine is limited here. This is where homeopathy stands out. The homeopath takes your case during 1-1.5 hours and examines the underlying causes of the illness taking into account mental and emotional factors when looking at physical disturbances.

We are in fact emotional and spiritual beings who have a physical body. The conventional way of treating disease is by assuming that the disease just ‘happens’ to your body and the symptoms are by means of conventional medicine treated or mostly suppressed. The question why all of a sudden your body decides to misbehave is virtually never asked (because that will reveal the reason why you are sick, and what needs curing - not the outward symptoms as then the causation is not removed and a recurrence could happen).

As each person has a different nature with a different outlook on life. Bodies react to specific emotions because as I stated earlier, nerves may influence the bowels, and stress gives you a headache in some cases, but also, anger may affect the liver and stomach, grief or held in emotions may affect the lungs or heart, rigidity in spirit may affect the joints or skeletal system. Specific emotions affect different body parts.

I hope this helps you to gain a larger understanding of how illness comes about.

Being conscious is the first step to becoming healthy.

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